Case History

Support Service Provider Analysis of Break-up Scenarios

Provided service provider client operational technical support in various scenarios of splitting the company to enhance market value.

Challenge: A large communications service provider was endeavoring with the assistance of a major consulting company and bank, to understand the shareholder value of various splits of the company.

Action: The company hired SkeensMcDonell to support their consultants in evaluating the operational feasibility of each scenario in terms of migrating from current to future state as well as operational efficiencies and inefficiencies of each. SkeensMcDonell was also tasked with evaluating the risks and change in workload of each scenario.

Findings: SkeensMcDonell was instrumental in ensuring various scenarios were in fact achievable and could realize expected change in value. In several cases, SkeensMcDonell led the process by evaluating and articulating pro’s and con’s of various scenarios and recommending changes to achieve desired results while maintaining intended shareholder value improvements. SkeensMcDonell regularly interacted with senior leadership of the company as well as their Board of Directors, providing updates during the process.

Results: The consulting and banking team along with SkeensMcDonell presented our recommendations to the Board of Directors as well as the senior leadership of the company. Although the exact recommendation was not approved, a direction was taken that was significantly in line with the recommendation.

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