It’s about helping others be successful!

The SkeensMcDonell Consulting Group was founded by two former Fortune 100 company executives, Bill Skeens and Howie McDonell, who have over 60 years of combined experience in building and managing large successful project teams. Over the course of our careers, we built up a wealth of practical expertise and experience, and a passion for helping teams achieve their goals.

It’s ironic that we now find ourselves running a consulting company because during our prior careers we were not fans of consultants. Most consultants we encountered were bright business-school graduates with little real-world experience. We found their textbook solutions didn’t fit our complex realities and, more often than not, they were more focused on telling us what we wanted to hear than in helping us succeed. At SkeensMcDonell, we pride ourselves in identifying pragmatic, actionable solutions to our clients’ challenges. We deliver quick results and are always completely candid in our feedback and recommendations, no matter how uncomfortable the message might be.

At SkeensMcDonell, we have assembled a deeply experienced team to address all aspects of our clients’ needs through an impressive network of Business Partners who are outstanding executives, managers, and subject matter experts, each with a long and successful background in industry.

As we like to say at SkeensMcDonell, why go to the School of Hard Knocks when you can work with the alumni?