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Every company makes mistakes. Good companies fix those mistakes, but great companies learn from their mistakes and grow as an organization. Many times, getting outside experienced assistance with a fresh perspective is the right thing to do. The question is when is it time to get help?

SkeensMcDonell is a unique consulting company with strong experience in operations and execution. The partners have over 100 years of combined experience in diagnosing problems, finding solutions and getting results.

SkeensMcDonell can help if your:

  • Customer is complaining about quality
  • Customer is complaining that delivered functionality is not meeting expectations
  • Development organization is struggling to get products and services launched on time
  • Productivity/throughput is not meeting the needs of the business.
  • Organization consistently overruns budget and is still not getting the job done as you need
  • Organizational changes are not having the impact you needed
  • Company has outgrown itself. What got you this far is not scaling well and you are not sure what to do about it

We have seen these problems in our own careers and we learned from our experiences – both good and bad. SkeensMcDonell has helped many different size companies. In some cases, small companies have outgrown their old way of doing things and don’t know how to add light process to their growing number of employees. We also have worked with large companies that have seen changes in their industry and need help diagnosing and changing their company’s business in some small or large way.

There is frequently great value to obtaining an independent, 3rd party view by individuals who are highly experienced and technically knowledgeable to offer a fresh view of your situation. We have demonstrated this with many satisfied clients

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