Consulting Services

"Our Professionals make it possible for companies to supplement their teams with outstanding subject matter experts quickly without having to make long terms commitments”.
H. K. McDonell

Accelerating Transformation

We can help if you struggle to make progress on critical initiatives because of the pressure of meeting short term commitments or lack the expertise to make the transition to new technology. Our expert consulting services can help you fill these gaps by working with your team to accelerate process change or to transition your team through our organizational development training and workshops. Likewise, we have experts to advance your ability to apply new technology such as data analytics in a variety of ways to help you focus on the most critical areas that affect your productivity and your product.

“As we crafted our plans to use AI techniques to provide continuous improvement to the resilience of our network, we looked to multiple firms for guidance on how to best do that.  SkeensMcDonell Consulting’s prototype work was particularly strong due to their understanding of our domains and their ability to bridge the gap between the “hypothetical” and truly practical solutions.”

Head of Automation Solutions Center

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