Case History

Strengthen Customer/Supplier Partnership

Assessed why a Supplier was struggling to adapt to a customer changing its operating model and how that manifest in significant relationship issues. Recommended dramatic actions which helped improved the relationship.

Challenge: A very large enterprise IT organization was undergoing a major transformation, both in terms of their operational mission as well as in their network technology. They did not believe their largest vendor was really trying to operate as their partner; they felt they just wanted to sell them boxes and service contracts without understanding their changing environment or working with them to try to help them navigate the best path forward.

Action: The vendor brought in SkeensMcDonell as a neutral third-party to identify recommendations to help repair the relationship, as well as to better support the customer going forward.

Findings: SkeensMcDonell made a number of tactical recommendations for both the supplier and the enterprise customer. However, we also recommended privately to the supplier that they change out the account leadership and make significant changes to the way the account was being managed.

Results: The vendor replaced the Account Manager, and restructured the service contracts with the customer to provide an enhanced level of support.

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