Case History

Service Development Test Roles & Responsibilities

Assessed causes for inefficient and ineffective service development testing and led a cross organization exercise to re-cast roles and responsibilities.

Challenge: A very large Automotive company was struggling with the timeliness and quality of their infotainment service deliveries and suspected that confusion regarding roles and responsibilities was a key contributor to the issues.

Action: The firm brought in SkeensMcDonell as a neutral third-party to lead a RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) exercise to help clarify roles and responsibilities and identify the most important issues and disconnects across the cross functional teams.

Findings: As a result of the exercise, the firm developed action plans for the most important issues cited by SkeensMcDonell and used the RACI matrix as a “living document” to baseline roles and responsibilities going forward.

Results: The firm used the SkeensMcDonell findings to help clarify/optimize roles and responsibilities and, over time, achieved significantly improved timeliness and quality in their service deliveries.

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