Michael Carey

Michael Carey

Originally a hardware and software design engineer, Michael has more than 42 years in telecommunications, defense, gaming, and other transaction-based industries, in hands-on and senior management roles including architecture, systems engineering, marketing and product management, sales and business development, project management, quality process management, product development, and testing.

Michael retired from full-time employment in 2016 after 21 years with Cisco Systems, having held prior positions with StrataCom Systems, Gandalf Systems, Infotron Systems, Case Communications, Scitec Australia, Real-Time Systems and AWA Ltd. He has extensive experience in fixed and mobile telephony, video-text, frame relay, ATM, fixed and mobile wireless data, core and access IP based data networking, and related technologies.

Michael has a strong personal interest and experience in extreme-scale, non-stop/high-reliability networking for global telcos and major enterprise corporations in financial and transaction-based industries, including deployments for AT&T, Singapore Telecom and Telstra.

Michael is an Australian national with extensive global experience, including nine years based in the USA, projects in the UK and Singapore, and shorter assignments in Asia, Europe and the Americas. He did coursework in Electrical Engineering at the NSW Institute of Technology.

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