Case History

Improve Unsatisfactory Customer/Vendor Relationship

Assessed impact of product quality issues in relationship between an enterprise service provider and their largest supplier

Challenge: A large medical services provider was having significant challenges moving to a next-generation core network platform and they were attributing the problems to their vendors product and services quality.

Action: The vendor hired SkeensMcDonell to assess all aspects of the product rollout including product quality, support and customer readiness. Both the vendor and their customer were part of this assessment.

Findings: SkeensMcDonell found three overarching issues related to the customer’s need for improved environment availability, collaboration between the vendor and their customer as well as product quality of the new platform. Using incident data for the product, SkeensMcDonell was able to prioritize issues found and impact to the customer’s environment and required support. Additionally, SkeensMcDonell made leadership change recommendations to the supplier to improve collaboration.

Results:¬†Using our recommendations, the supplier made significant organizational and support changes and the customer enhanced their data-driven environment availability program. The supplier also provided incremental support to the customer’s transition to the new core platform technology. The relationship is much improved and the platform has significantly stabilized.

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