SkeensMcDonell™ Testimonials



I was hired to turn around the performance of the company’s engineering team.  It was important to make changes as quickly as possible.  In order to get a rapid reading of the challenges ahead, I brought in SkeensMcDonell to conduct an assessment.  The assessment provided clear actionable recommendations as to how to correct the critical issues which were inhibiting the team’s ability to execute.  I credit the assessment for helping us make the dramatic improvements necessary to be successful during the following year.     – Senior VP of Product Development

We develop and deliver complex solutions that require a great deal of joint planning and testing with our customer.  Although we had a good relationship, we both realized that improvements were necessary if we were to improve our quality and time to market.  We jointly sponsored, a SkeensMcDonell assessment to review our delivery and deployment processes.  Bringing in a third party was invaluable to obtain the mutual support of a number of initiatives.  This assessment has made a substantial difference in our ability to execute and also has resulted in an improved spirit of teaming between the two companies.  -  Senior Director of Engineering

After repeated quality and schedule problems, we asked SkeensMcDonell for assistance.  They provided us with both an assessment and consulting services.  It did not happen overnight but, by staying the course, we recently delivered a release to the customer virtually error free.  It was quite an accomplishment for my team to achieve this goal and I am very proud of them.  But, I have to thank SkeensMcDonell for being candid about the issues and what we needed to do to address them. As was predicted, we have had to go through a lot of people, culture, process and discipline changes to get here. -  Senior VP and General Manager

When we needed a team to manage and staff a systems engineering group for a potential new customer, all of our existing staff was tied up with other commitments.  We asked SkeensMcDonell to take on this important project.  They handled every aspect of the task including representing our company at customer meetings.  The performance and execution of this team was extraordinary.  It was wonderful for me to have one less thing to worry about. - Vice President of Product Management

Our company was about to commit to a major new project but our project management leadership was committed to other projects.  SkeensMcDonell provided us with a Senior Project Manager who was a perfect match.  He led the project management effort through the critical commitment process and the architecture and system requirements phase.  SkeensMcDonell then handed project management leadership back to our team members.  We would not have been able to launch the development of this critical project at the time we did without this help. -   Executive Director of Product and Program Management  

I brought in SkeensMcDonell to conduct a workshop with my leadership team to identify the key initiatives which would help us to achieve our goal of improved productivity and business results.  I was very impressed at how, in a half day workshop, we were able to select and launch improvement initiatives which will really improve our effectiveness.  At other companies where I have worked, I’ve seen a similar process take weeks or even months. - Managing Director 

My colleague and I wanted to improve the effectiveness of our two organizations with a joint training program.  SkeensMcDonell provided a customized Project Management / Leadership training program.  We used them on multiple occasions both face to face and for remote training over the web.  I was very pleased with the content and the delivery of the program from conception through delivery. The training was collaborative, high energy and met the goals of reinforcing Project Management skills and use of best practices with techniques to provide strong leadership of project teams. – Project Management Director