Whether your company needs to improve time to market, quality, or cost in bringing new products and services to market, our Program Assessment Practice can make a difference. Managers need to be wary of the misconception that improving either schedule, quality, or cost requires sacrificing the others.  Our assessments highlight issues and recommend changes to eliminate organizational, process, and other inefficiencies that affect schedule, quality, and increase cost.

An assessment involves meeting with the assessment sponsor to discuss the issues the company is trying to solve and to set objectives. The assessment team then meets with project members across different disciplines and levels – typically, in one on one sessions. The assessment team also asks for documentation such as process documents to aid in the assessment. On the final day, the team presents a summary of their findings which is then followed by a detailed written report.

If the company desires, members of the assessment team can be made available on an ongoing basis, to help implement the assessment recommendations.

If you are facing time to market, quality, or expense issues in bringing new products and services to the marketplace we, can help.

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